Buy The Complete Aromasong Gourmet Dead Sea Salt Collection - Get All 18 Flavors!


Here is your chance to get the elusive Aromasong "White Suitcase" that everyone is seeking!  You'll get a full set of 18 flavors of gourmet Dead Sea finishing salts from Aromasong.  Just a sprinkle of Aromasong salt at the end of cooking can be a game changer, raising flavor, adding melody, and delivering a playful crackle!

Your suitcase will include 1 full size (3.7 - 4oz) grinder/shaker of each of these delectable flavors:

The Daily Grind Collection
Sparkling Diamond, Everyday Seasoning, Garlicky Lemon Pepper, 5-Peppercorn Medley, Roasted Garlic, Aromatic Onions

The Flavor Boosters Collection
Sunny Rosemary Lemon, Garlic Milano, Golden Roasting Blend, Forest 'Shrooms, Zesty Citrus Twist, Dilly Garlic (The Instant Pickle Maker)

The Smoke & Flames Collection
Fiery Dragon, Smokehouse Chiles, Spicy Delta Cajun, Sizzling Grill Blend, Country Honey BBQ, Smoked Maple Heat

All flavors are Kosher Parve(OU certified), Gluten-Free, Non-GMO and Vegan (except Country Honey BBQ which contains honey)


  • Naturally 30% Lower In Sodium

    Aromasong Gourmet Dead Sea Salt is naturally 30% lower in sodium than table salt and provides essential minerals including potassium, magesium and calcium.

  • Intense Flavor

    Aromasong expertly marries coarse Dead Sea salt chunks with the world's finest spices for a result that is truly extraordinary. Turn dinner up with just a small grind.

  • Shake, Grind or Pinch

    Aromasong's AromaLock™ caps allow you to shake, grind or pinch salt onto your food so you always have the perfect finish.

The World's Best Salt

The World's Best Salt

The Dead Sea. It is the lowest point on Earth and the surprising producer of the world's best salt. It's beautiful blue waters give birth to pure salt crystals naturally 30% lower in sodium than table salt and packed with essential minerals.